Bespoke Tailoring is the highest form of executing men’s clothing. The student will be taught
how to create a pattern and sew a jacket, trousers, a shirt and a barong based on custom
measurements, fit them on a male form, and finish them by hand.

Module I (22 sessions) *

BESPOKE JACKET - This module, based on the London's Newham College Method, covers the construction of a standard size bespoke jacket from drafting, canvassing and sewing to making fine hand finishes and jacket buttonholes.

Tuition Fee: approx. ₱24,500
Materials: approx. ₱15,900 

Module II (10 sessions) *

BESPOKE TROUSER AND WAISTCOAT – This module focuses on the construction of the trouser and waistcoat or vest to complete the three-piece bespoke suit.

Tuition Fee: approx. ₱12,600
Materials: TBA 


Module III (12 sessions) *

BESPOKE SHIRT AND BARONG – This module covers the bespoke techniques of both pattern and garment construction of the shirt and the barong tagalog.

Tuition Fee: approx. ₱14,500
Materials: TBA

*Prerequisite: For Slim’s students, you must have finished PM III (Online) or PM2 (face to face). For Non-Slim’s students who already took a course in Pattern Making/Dressmaking, you need to take the Admission Exam. Students are required to have at least an intermediate knowledge in pattern drafting and sewing)

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