The long-established "Slim's Method" has provided students with in-depth lessons in garment construction. The course covers everything from proper measuring techniques to meticulous methods for fitting, and includes patternmaking, drafting, sewing and finishing. 

Module I Beginners (19 sessions)

BASICS - This module is the entry level to the pattern making and dressmaking series. It covers topics from using a sewing machine and hand sewing to measurement taking, drafting a complete basic pattern and sewing a basic toile.

Tuition Fee: approx. ₱24,600
Materials: approx. ₱12,000 

Module II Preparatory (21 sessions) prerequisite Module I

SHIFTS AND SKIRTS - This module focuses on the creation of basic dresses and skirts using the standard blocks created in the BASIC course. It will cover the whole process from drafting of the patterns, sewing of the garments, finishing and fitting.

Tuition Fee: approx. ₱28,500
Materials: approx. ₱3,000 


Module III Secondary (24 sessions) prerequisite Module II

TOPS AND TROUSERS - This module is designed to further enhance your knowledge and skills in Dressmaking focusing on Tops and Trousers like Classic Ladies Trubenized Shirt and Classic Ladies Pants.

Tuition Fee: approx. ₱32,000
Materials: TBA

Module IV Advanced (25 sessions) prerequisite Module III

JACKETS AND EVENING WEAR - This module covers the advanced techniques in drafting and sewing jackets and evening wear like the Shawl Collared Jacket and the Bustier with Stretch Overblouse. This module also includes making a Terno garment.

Tuition Fee: approx. ₱33,500
Materials: TBA 


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