Slim’s Fashion & Arts School is pleased to introduce our new online platform “Learning Without Borders”. We have transitioned our entire syllabus into distance learning modules without compromising the level of training and skills from our original curriculum. We will no longer be conducting face to face classes for the foreseeable future.

Slim’s Fashion & Arts School celebrates over 60 years of providing in-depth, technical courses in fashion design and dressmaking / patternmaking. The most established fashion school in the country, the school’s alumni include notable names that have helped shape the Philippine fashion industry such as Joe Salazar, Oskar Peralta, Cesar Gaupo, Oliver Tolentino, Michael Cinco and Joey Samson, among others.

With an unparalleled track record, the school’s regular courses are designed to equip students with the skills necessary to embark on careers in fashion or to establish their own independent businesses. Short workshops are also available, offering specialized subjects, or basic trainingor those who wish to learn on a non-professional level.

Slim’s Fashion & Arts School was founded in Manila by iconic Philippine couture designer Salvacion Lim Higgins (“Slim”) and her sister Purificacion. Together, the sisters wrote the highly technical lessons that continue to serve as a solid foundation for the school’s curriculum today – a procedure that has become widely known as ‘the Slim’s Method’.

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