Special Courses

Designed to supplement the regular foundation courses, workshops are offered several times a year on rotating schedules.

All workshops have limited slots.


This course was developed in 2014 by Slim’s Fashion & Arts School in collaboration with Newham College in London, whose notable graduates from their Men’s Tailoring course included Alexander McQueen.

Bespoke Tailoring is the highest form of executing men’s clothing. The student will be taught how to create a pattern and sew a jacket, trousers, a shirt and a barong based on custom measurements, fit them on a male form, and finish them by hand.

Aside from Patternmaking and Draping, Tailoring is the third important part of garment construction. Ready-to-Wear and High Fashion houses such as McQueen and Chanel actually use more Tailoring than Patternmaking in most of their collections.

The projects from our Tailoring course can easily be adapted afterwards to the construction of women’s garments. 


Learn the art of constructing garments on the body and special finishing techniques in this intensive short course. Lessons include the completion of draped garments.

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